Archive ID: 1982-205-7

Vesuvio Tavern token

Date Created: undated

Donor: Theresa O. Flores

Media Type: Object

Language: English


Neighborhood saloons and taverns were more than drinking establishments. They provided centers of neighborhood social life, places where people met away from work and family. Many also provided rallying places for neighborhood political organizations. Many different types of taverns operated in the area. Some catered to particular ethnic groups. Some were largely “men only” establishments. Many taverns or saloons offered meals to the huge workforce in the area. Friday night fish fries were also popular, especially with Catholic customers. Taverns and other businesses offered “tokens” to their patrons with discounts. These tokens were similar to contemporary coupons. The tokens could be used for discounts on items like drinks, food, a cup of coffee and, even, a pair of shoes.

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