Study Guide

This Study Guide contains materials to supplement this website for use by teachers, researchers, Southeast Chicago residents, and the general public. These materials include a bibliography of readings on Southeast Chicago; a list of related websites; educational activities; and materials for classroom use (with more to come!). Thanks for input on this study guide to area educators Rod Sellers, Steven Walsh, Steve Sanchez, Hector Sanchez, Lauren Bianchi, Roni Facen.


Additional readings about Southeast Chicago organized both alphabetically and by topic. Most materials are intended for academic audiences; however, materials for general audiences can be found at the end.



Related websites of interest.





Suggested activities for high school or middle school students that build on website materials.

Oral histories with Southeast Chicago residents for documentary “Wrapped in Steel” (1980s)

Materials for Classroom Use –

Booklets created during the 1990s by Rod Seller’s Museology program with Washington High School students during the 1990s. Includes booklets on environmental history and community churches in Southeast Chicago as well as a suggested tour.