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War ration book two

Date Created: 1940s

Donor: Theresa O. Flores

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Language: English


World War II not only impacted those fighting or making munitions in local steel plants, but also everyday life on the homefront. Beginning in 1942, the U.S. Office of Price Administration (OPA) began rationing items in short supply deemed critical to the war effort. Ration books contained removable stamps that could be traded in for scarce items. By the end of the war, these items included rubber, gasoline, sugar, shoes, coffee, meat and other food items. Stamps for shoes were limited according to the size of the family. War Ration Book Two was issued in January 1943 and included red and blue stamps that were numbered and lettered to designate the products they could be used for. This ration book had stamps for processed food products, including canned or bottled fruits, vegetables, soups, juices, frozen fruits and vegetables, and dried fruits. The books contained detailed and complex instructions – often easily misunderstood – on how to use the ration book.

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