Archive ID: 1981-051-10

South Works Rail Mill crew

Date Created: 1885

Created By: U.S. Steel

Donor: William Ferry

Media Type: Booklet/Pamphlet

Language: English


South Works Rail Mill crew. Pictured (numbered) are: 1. Peter Peterson 2. Charles Winsloff 3. John O’Leary 4. Miles Clark 5. William Gorman 6. Bernard Hand 7. Patrick Hand 8. Andrew Hazzard 9. John Schermer 10. John Gorman 11. Robert Hartley 12. Robert Barry 13. ? Sexton 14. Michael Reedy 15. Alex Anderson 16. John Wright 17. John Hand 18. ? Sparrows 19. William Johns 20. John Robinson (not related to applicant) 21. William Winsloff 22. John Carlson 23. Benjamin Johns 24. Benjamin Robinson 25. Henry Goodman 26. John Shegrue 27. ? Goodman 28. Mr. ? Barr, foreman.

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