Archive ID: 1989-075-1

Examination of Title, South Chicago

Date Created: 1873

Created By: Handy, Simmons & Co.

Donor: Marilyn McCaffrey, Anna Hague

Media Type: Booklet/Pamphlet

Language: English


Examination of Title to Frac. Sec. 8, N. E. Frac. 1/4 N. 1/2 of S. E. Frac. 1/4 17, 37, 15, South Chicago. Title examination of 640 acres of of land south of Calumet River, tracing the sequence of ownership from Native American claim to the land. Begins with original 1835 land transfer from “Paw Shak, Ne-Maw-Ben and Shaw-Gwok Shak, the sons and daughters and legal heirs of Aub-e-Naub-bee, a Pottowotime Indian, (deceased) of Fulton County, Indiana, to William G. Ewing, George W. Ewing, George B. Walker.”

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